What to Consider When Fixing Your Wall Mounted Faucets

There are several designs and even shapes of wall mounted faucets. The most popular are those mounted on kitchen walls and bathrooms. But like any designer will tell you, there are several things you must consider before choosing your preferred one.

single lever wall mounted faucets


Like already hinted, there are different types of faucet. Each has to be fitted differently. Your wall mounted bathroom faucets, for instance should have a space of about one inch in between the bottom of the faucet and the flood level of the sink. It is also good to ensure that the spigot doesn’t get submerged in the event that the sink is filled with water. This is a requirement that must not be overlooked as it ensures that there occurs no back-flow of the grey-coloured water into the clean water.

arch wall mounted bathroom faucets

The appropriate height

There is no set height for wall mounted faucets; it all depends on one’s preferences. However, if you are planning to fill up sizeable troughs in your kitchen, it requires that you place the faucet at a reasonable height to allow enough space between the trough and the faucet.  When mounting a faucet in your bathroom, it is good to ensure that your hands fit well under it. The rule here is that the water must be made to flow directly into the hub of the sink.

Apart from the wall mounted kitchen faucets, there are also other home equipments that require strategic positioning on the wall. Your TV set is one such item.  The right faucet will ensure you have enough space not just for your TV but for any other thing that has to be mounted on the wall. In other words, good wall mounted faucets will make it easy for you to space your room.

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Most interior designers recommend at least 6 inches between your TV set and any kind of pictures or windows to avoid competition on the image onscreen. That is why you will have to do some measurement before mounting your faucet. This will help you select a position that will allow adequate space around it.

There are various online shops that sell wall mounted faucets.  You only need to be keen on their return as well as shipping policies. For instance, if you are looking for quality wall mounted waterfall faucets buy from reputable online vendors. That way, it will be easy for you to get value for your money and avoid getting ripped off. Keep in mind too that with reputable online vendors, you will never have to worry about counterfeit products.

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This will sound hectic but it is worth your time. Go online and take time to read some unbiased reviews on the best faucets. Alternatively, take a look at what your friends have. If they are of good quality, do the same and buy the same brands as them. Reviews are helpful for a number of reasons. First, they will help you to learn more about faucets. Then secondly, they will help you find the best deals in town. Take time to also read customer testimonials from the online store you wish to purchase your faucet from.

In conclusion

You must roll up your sleeves and take into consideration a number of factors if all you want is a value priced wall mounted faucet. Height for instance, is critically important as everything revolves around it. Although each of the faucets is mounted according to the needs and the owner’s preference, setting your faucets at the required height ensures maximum utility. All these should not worry you if you have an expert around to help you fix the faucet.