Kitchen Sinks and Their Value Adding Aspects

Choosing the right kitchen sinks for your needs depends on your ability strike a balance between design, function and durability. Operating a faucet in your kitchen should, for instance be an effortless undertaking whether your hands are dry or greasy from cleaning and cooking activities. A smooth lever should enable you to balance water temperature and flow, making it possible to avoid burns and superfluous use of water that may end up pushing your utility bills skywards. When it comes to kitchen décor, the right sink can help you achieve your aspirations by:

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  • Complementing your kitchen’s ambiance which in return fortifies your kitchen’s elegance especially if you’re into shinny stainless steel kitchen sinks.
  • Enhancing the kitchen’s reflective surfaces such floor and wall tiles.
  • Giving your kitchen a professional appearance that is associated with stainless steel faucets and sinks because of their anti-bacterial aspects.

Types of Faucets Suitable for Kitchen Sinks

Some of the most popular faucets in the market today include:

  • Disc faucets
  • Cartridge faucets
  • Ball faucets
  • Compression faucets

Go for any of these basing your decision on how each one of them work, possible maintenance as well as repair cost.

Disc and Cartridge Faucets

These faucets are the in thing if you’re looking for a touch of modernity since they are the latest in faucet technology. To enable you single them out from the rest, note that they come with a single lever that towers above their wide and cylindrical body in addition to a chamber in which hot and cold water mix before streaming out through a cartridge regulated pressure system. Most of them are not wall mounted faucets because they connect to two ceramic discs at the bottom of the mixing chamber for effective control of water volume. These faucets are reliable and less prone to repairs.

Cartridge faucets can on the other hand be identified by their single handle that regulates water flow through up and down movements. They rank high in the realm of kitchen décor and accessories because:

  • They are easy to operate since turning the lever halfway shuts or close the faucet.
  • They use the washer technology to open and close making them relatively easy to repair.
  • They stay rust free even under humid conditions compared to copper faucets or copper kitchen sinks.

Ball and Compression Faucets

Whether your home’s cooking space is graced with undermount kitchen sinks or any other types of sinks, ball faucets are likely spruce up its appearance in a number of ways. These faucets come with a single handle that rotates around a cap that’s ball-like in shape. The ball contains slots or chambers together with O-shaped rubber rings and seals that work in tandem to prevent leakage and facilitate fast and proper mixing of hot and cold water. Though they may not be as durable as disc faucets, they are not difficult to maintain or repair.

traditional wall mounted faucets

Compression faucets on their part are known to be as old the plumbing profession but they can still found within modern kitchen setups for a number of reasons.

  • Affordability.
  • They can be repaired by following simple Do It Yourself or DIY instructions.
  • They are readily available.

You can identify compression faucets by their separate cold and hot water levers and decide whether you want to go for them or the more sophisticated kitchen sinks that will dazzle anyone who walks in to your kitchen.