Choosing Kitchen Faucets

Things such as kitchen faucets, countertops, tiles, and walls can help in making a kitchen to look outstanding and it is for this reason that all women want to choose the best ones for their kitchens.

bronze kitchen faucets

Most homeowners use kitchen faucets more than they use other appliances and fixtures. KWC, which is a faucet manufacturer, says that average families use them over 40 times every day. These instruments get a real work out on a daily basis because they are used to wash hands, rinse off dishes, wash vegetables, or fill pasta pots. Hence, when you want to buy them, it is important for you to know ways of choosing the most effective ones that will continue doing their job for a long time. This guide can enable you to select the best kitchen faucets and hence, you do not need to worry.

Pewter or Nickel faucets are ideal for a kitchen that you consider traditional, bronze or copper are perfect for country style and Old World kitchens while stainless steel or chrome faucets have an extremely contemporary look. Hence, you should choose them if you want a vintage antique look, something traditional and elegant, Old World rustic, or a sleek contemporary look.

Factors to consider when shopping for kitchen faucets

Most sinks have holes that are drilled for receiving the faucets and sometimes some accessories like filtered water faucets or hot beverages, soap dispensers and sprayers. Hence, your whole configuration is among the first factors that you should consider before you buy kitchen faucets.

Types of kitchen faucets

Most of the modern kitchen faucets that leading manufacturers make are not only stylish and versatile but they also offer the most appropriate level of functionality. When you are searching for them, you will come across a wide range of various styles and designs that match your needs. The marketplace offers the following major types and your personal preference will largely determine the choice that you make.

  • High-Arc Faucets– These faucets are ideal for you if your sink is big and roomy or if you wash many fill vases and large pots on a frequent basis. These faucets can easily serve as the focal point of many kitchens because they usually come with tapered handles and beautiful flowing curves.
  • Pull down and pullout faucets – Pull down faucets come with spray heads for pulling down toward the sink’s bottom while pullout faucets come with spray heads for pulling out to you. Both of them help in cleaning your sink and washing water plants or produce.
  • wall mounted faucets – These faucets, which are usually seen with vessel sinks and farm sinks, are above the sink and are usually attached to the walls.
  • Single handle faucets that have side spray – Unlike kitchen sink faucets, these faucets are not only popular with builders, but they also continue to make up over 80% of the sales of faucets.
  • Two-handle faucets – These are more difficult to use as compared to the one-handle ones and hence, they are less popular. They make a strong Victorian fashion statement because their look is classic.

waterblade wall mounted faucets

Touch faucets – The popularity of these faucets is growing significantly because they are fantastic owing to their ability to turn off and on with a light touch of an arm or a hand.