Finding The Best Kitchen Sink Faucet for Your Home

It’s not easy choosing one faucet for your kitchen sink; In fact it’s quite a daunting task given the variety of choices at your disposal. Still, no kitchen is complete without one, and while different kitchen sink faucet reviews will offer you varying opinions regarding the best type, the end result is up to you, the home owner. You must ultimately decide which kitchen sink faucet will work best for your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Washer Versus Washerless Faucets

Before you actually decide on the faucet of your choosing, it’s best to understand the different types of sinks and faucets usually found in the kitchen. The compression washer faucet is the most common, having been around since the inception of indoor plumbing. They are readily identified by their separate handles; one for the hot water, another for the cold. These are your standard and ordinary fixtures found in nearly every home built in the last century. The best part about them is their price. They are the least expensive; however, they are susceptible to leaking making maintenance a common problem.

Washerless faucets, on the other hand, are now enjoying a surge in popularity given their durability. They are considered washerless because they do not make use of neoprene or rubber washers as compression models do. There are three major kinds of washerless faucets:

  • Ball faucets – These are the first kind of washerless faucets ever made. They can be identified by a single handle that moves on top of a ball-shaped cap mounted at the faucet’s base. Hot and cold water are regulated by the handle’s movement.
  • Disc faucets – These can be easily identified by a single handle that works like a lever found on top of their base. Again, hot and cold water can be regulated by the handle’s movement. Based on consumer reviews, this kind is durable and very reliable.
  • Cartridge faucets – These faucets can either employ a single handle or a double handle. For single handle cartridge faucets, an up-down motion is used to regulate water flow while left-right motion is employed for water temperature. For double handle cartridge faucets, the same motion as compression washers is used.

Many plumbing experts recommend the washerless kitchen sink faucets because of their tried-and-tested durability and reliability. Because they lack washers, they are significantly less prone to leaks and damage, which effectively allows you to save on maintenance costs.

Function Versus Form

While aesthetics add that little bit of extra to your kitchen’s interior look, it’s important to note that function must always be a priority. What works best is more important than what looks good. However, if you are patient enough to do some online research and scour local hardware or home interior stores for the best find, you might discover a veritable faucet Mecca which will offer you the best function and form all in one fixture. 

Presently, wall mounted faucets are enjoying increased popularity among consumers because they brilliantly mix function and form. As the name suggests, this type is usually mounted on a wall, and is reminiscent of English wash basins of the olden days. They are completely separate from the faucet and are placed above the countertop. These sinks are elegantly designed to match equally stylish faucets.

A lot goes into the selection of faucets for your home. They need to match your décor, accent your cabinets, and provide an excellent washing experience for you and your family. It’s a hard decision that’s made easier with plenty of research. Don’t forget to trust your fashion sense and great taste, and you’ll definitely find the best kitchen sink faucet for your home.